Support of the European Union

Concerning the project: “Business development through the purchase of a chocolate molding line powered by energy from a photovoltaic plant”.

Rural Development Program for 2014 – 2020

Action: 19 Support for local development under the LEADER initiative

Sub-measures: 19.2 Support for the implementation of operations under the community – led local development strategy

Co – financing agreement number: 01540-6935-UM0712480 / 19

The purpose of the operation is to develop the conducted business activity, increase the company’s competitiveness as a result of introducing a new product to the sales offer and create 3 new jobs for people form disadvantaged groups.

Chocolate – world flavors

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Filled candies

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Chocolate couverture 100g

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Chocolate for physically active people

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European Fund for Rural Development
Europe Investing in rural areas
“Support for local development under the LEADER initiative”
Rural Development Program for 2014-2020.