About Us

We supply our Partners with the highest quality products for 25 years. It is a period of great adventure and hard work in a pursuit for perfection. We are a family company, multi-generational with a strong commitment of the owners.

The history of a family business began in 1918 when a bakery was established. The highest quality of bread was quickly appreciated by local residents, and the bakery itself became a recognized bread supplier in the entire region, delivering bread by horse carts to the surrounding villages and towns.

In 1995, we decided to start a new business – a chocolate factory, gradually extinguishing existing bakery production. The production of chocolate turned out to be our great passion and brings us a lot of satisfaction to this day. We are a modern production plant that meets the highest quality requirements. Automated production lines deliver the highest, repeatable quality products to retail chains around the world.

The factory operates based on the following certificates: IFS, BIO, UTZ and own sustainability program: Meticulously sourced ™. In our offer you will find tablets, pralines, creams, semi-finished products and chocolate raw materials, which we export to 25 countries on 4 continents. We are pleased that customers especially appreciate our bitter chocolates with a cocoa content exceeding 70%. We follow market directions both in terms of taste and packaging. We inspire by the latest trends, during preparing new products.

Cocoa raw materials used for production come from plantations in Africa and South America. We import them directly so we can be sure that they are of the highest quality. Sugar and dairy raw materials come from domestic suppliers.

Despite our global reach, we don’t forget about our artisan origin. We are characterized by respect for tradition and partner relations with partners. Production is carried out with respect for the natural environment. Policy obtaining raw materials and packaging, closed water treatment and the use of renewable energy sources help us to safe the enviroment.

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